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The official trailer for Eternal Harvest.

There is an occasional limitation in journalism where the audience sees the end report, but rarely gets to see the life in between. We made this video to show a day in the life of a place we love. Sabai is a Lao/Khmer/Thai word that encompasses the ideas of happiness, relaxation and health. 

Here we have a data visualization of the bombings at the heart of the film.


Between June 9, 1964, and April 26, 1973, the US carried out the largest bombing campaign, per capita, in history, in Laos. US forces dropped, on average, 1.3 million pounds of bombs a day. For 3,243 days. On a country of 2.5 million people. This data was originally compiled by the US Department of Defense. This video shows missions from October 1965 through April, 1973.

This video shows most of the logged attack missions flown over Laos by the US Air Force, Navy and Marines. This does not include missions without target coordinates, non-attack missions, missions flown by other countries, or missions flown before October, 1965.

And in case you missed it earlier, here is the original trailer for Eternal Harvest the film. 

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