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Here's how to learn more about the UXO problem in Laos and how you can help.

WHWV is a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that helps families in both Laos and the United States. Jim and Marty Harris, the founders, are featured in Eternal Harvest. 

The Lao national unexploded ordnance program. It works in the nine most impacted provinces to clear land for agriculture and community projects.

Lone Buffalo is a free English Tuition and Youth Development project committed to improving the lives of young people living in one of the most heavily bombed places on Earth.

Legacies of War raises awareness about the history of the war in Laos and works to educate the broader public and policymakers for increased US bomb clearance funding. 

Quality of Life Association was the first Lao civil society organization to provide assistance and support to victims of unexploded ordnance, people with disabilities, their family members or care givers and UXO affected communities in Xieng Khouang Province in northern Laos.

The Cluster Munition Coalition is an international group that works to eradicatie cluster munitions, prevent further casualties from these weapons, and put an end to the suffering they cause.

We find and destroy landmines, cluster munitions and unexploded bombs in places affected by conflict. 

Humanity & Inclusion's teams in Laos protect and promote the rights of people with disabilities. UXO accidents are one of the major causes of disability in Laos.

COPE’s mission is to help people with mobility-related disabilities move on by supporting access to physical rehabilitation services in the Lao PDR. Many of their clients have had UXO accidents.

Lao-American chef Alex Hanesakda is using Lao food and beer to education people about the history of Laos and raise money for bomb clearance.

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